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wyatt everhart in the abc 2
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system. things have settled down. >> it was ugly for a while. like the sky opened up. >> the weather and briefly a tornado warning up in harford county, one of those nights, heat-driven storms. one severe thunderstorm warning for caroline county, that's what we're looking at right now, the bottom line is a severe thunderstorm warning, caroline county over delaware, kent and sussex county, in the clear now, a severe thunderstorm watch. queen anne will be taken down fairly rapidly. maryland's most powerful radar tracking these things all night. you can see the concern that's left of this storm line as it weakens. again, stuff to thiele with a few more minutes to the night. tonight though, a big time heat situation tomorrow coming up. >> all right wyatt. well it's a baltimore tradition on a hot night like this to just sit out on your porch or
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on your steps and catch a breeze. that was the game plan until storm clouds arrived and you're welcome mat. here is one steamy and stormy night. rosy. >> it was a hot and steamy night jamey all over the area as folks tried to deal with the weather and how it changed. i mean, we had some storms there, especially up in this area, really heavy rains coming down flooding parking lots, a mess out here. what's touched this all off was all the high heat and high hud we had during the day. guess what folks, for many people out there, they are going to have to figure out how to deal with all this high heat again yet tomorrow. >> no matter what the weather, they have to get their laps in. with the heat in the low 920s, this is part of being a runner, although admitted leah slow runner today. >> three laps. >> very slow. >> does the heat make you slower? >> yes, definitely. >> oh, man. >> you can tell can't you. he does know when he is dealing with too much of a good thing
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but try to get little jayden to slow down, that takes a dip in the creek. >> not that far. i have to be there. >> that's what a lot of kids were doing in this baltimore park. enjoying a jump in the creek is a nice thing to do on a hot day. that's why i have to come over here for a little bit and come over by the creek, go back and forth, i like it over here. >> if you really want to know what hot is try rugby camp on a field without a tree in sight. this is one of those days you have to really love your child to sit out without shade to be seen seen. the folks at this camp take the he'd seriously. mandatory water breaks every half hour, any player can duck out for a quick sip of water any time they want. but for rugby players, the breeze went off, that would be kind of nice. >> hot definitely. came straight from work and forgot to pack anything cooler but my bottle of water and i was good. he was the one doing all the work. >> doing all the work. >> yeah. >> so did you take a lot of
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water breaks? >> yeah, like three or four out of that whole time. >> hour and a half, right? >> yes. >> i mentioned temperatures are again about to hit the mid-90s again tomorrow so we'll follow the forecast tonight. but also we'll follow it throughout the course of the evening in the early morning hours and have complete updates for you on "good morning maryland" starting 4. 306789. roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. >> tonight storm victims from dundalk from last week are actually getting closer to have a new place to call home. residents from four seasons court returned to pick through the debris this afternoon, they are beginning the process of trying to put their lives back together. 10 families were left homeless after storms blew through. >> right now we're trying to get them here. we're going to get an apartment like in two days. apartment getting ready. for now we're going somewhere else. >> property management from the apartment complex along with the red cross are trying to help families relocate to vacant units or finding them other apartments in the dundalk
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area. >> listen up. we've got you all covered with the weather here. updates on the web site, you can find it all at including the hot weather guide and a slide show on the home page, you can find all the weather alerts on the top of the page, your short cut from d.c. to frederick is not going to happen. montgomery county has been shut down for most of the night. gas leaks were first reported at 4:30 this afternoon, construction crews cut into an 8" gas main on clayburg road, both lanes are closed. businesses at that gateway drive had to be evacuated. those who live nearby were just told to stay putt. the main is 28 feet into the ground, that's why it's taking such a long time to fix. well this weekend in baltimore, police investigate shootings and stacks across the city. tonight they are looking for surveillance cameras that could help them find out exactly what happened in at least four deaths, at least two of the victims are teenagers.
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anyone with information is asked to call police. and two procedures admitted in court today that they were involved in a scheme to pay off police officers in exchange for businesses. more than a dozen officers were accused in the plot. the brothers, who ran a car repair business, paid the officers to persuade the -- at crash sites to send their cars to their business rather than a city-approved shop. the brothers apparently paid each officer between 150 to $300. well tonight we know the name of the young teenager struck and killed in catonsville friday night. 14-year-old madison rigy was struck and hit crossing baltimore national pike near county cake road. he died at the scene. no word tonight on if charges are going to be filed. it's been four weeks since two teenagers were killed in a hit and run in the washington village area. so far no arrests have been made. emerald smith and courtney angeles were killed early in the morning june 13th. police pulled over the car they believe was involved but do not
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have enough to charge anyone. we're following this case. we'll let you know when things change. michael terell from sykesville on the run for a week turned himself in. he had been wanted for allegedly abducting his girlfriend's son before let 1st setting him free. he is facing charges of 2nd degree assault and child abduction. he went before a court commissioner and tonight he is being held without bail in the cale county detention center. >> race track drivers have it easy. all they have to do is keep making left. they assure all of us our city will not be closed for the grand prix race over the labor day weekend. baltimore has never hosted something like this before and you've already seen the chewed- up streets, getting ready for the race, that's almost finished. july 25th you'll start seeing the barriers start to go off. road closures won't start until the night of august 29th, 100,000 people are expected and that's going to add to the congestion. but those in charge tell us the benefits of hosting this grand prix event will be well worth
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it. there will be preplanned public meetings about the race, you can look under the top stories if you want more information. hollywood casino may be striking it rich but move to the next story. >> sitting on the doc of the bay watching the markets house in annapolis reopen. chicken leaks lead the way. they opened a stall, breakfast foods, lunch counters, deserts, everything you want to think of is right here. every single day 10 to 8 at the city doc in beautiful annapolis. >> now back to cecil county. hollywood casino may be striking it rich but the town of perriesville hasn't seen its share of that jackpot yet. so far they have turned over $4 million to cecil is county. the county agreed to a 65:35% split in slots revenue but now the town says the county is attempting to treat it as a grant which would expire in three years. so far the town says they haven't seen any money. >> i think some residents feel that they were sold a bill of
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goods and that some parties, whether it's the county or the state, are rekneeinging on promises made. >> town officials have also appealed with several letters to the lottery commission. town officials aren't happy saying town leaders have appealed to everyone but them. they get that money, plans for a new baseball field and replacing their double-wide trailer that serves as a police station will remain on hold. tonight, you know where that lightning came from? it came from hog warts. yeah. most movie opening had spotlights. this needed flashes of lightning. you're looking at the happiest and luckiest people in town. they saw the new harry potter flick first thanks to abc 104 and abc. for those who saw harry met sally, let me bring you up to date. these based on a series of magical books about witches and wizards and the the report is out and it's good. here is mark, nicky and bailey. >> in all the movies, just
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note, i got the tattoo and i got everything, my room is decked out so i'm a dye-hard fan. >> i'm ready but i'm sad at the same time. >> they always keep going in, got the new web site. pottermore. >> did she say baltimore. >> harry potter and the deathly hallows, part 2, the deathly grip. plays for everybody coming up. midnight friday. >> thursday night. >> thursday night into friday. all right. a mom thought she had ordered kiddy cups for her three kids. >> wait until you find out what was inside of it. it was a straight-up adult drink. and time keeps on ticking, the worst is when you're parking and trying to run the clock out on the meter maid. find out a tip before the ticket. in a matter of months we have gone from no talking, no texting. now it's no to something else while driving. our next no-no is just 60 seconds away.
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all right. we want to go back to the news that we led the newscast off. an amber alert is out for an 8- year-old boy. here is his picture. we have just learned from police darrick charles brown was abducted around 6:30 tonight. he was walking with juveniles in gwynn avenue and a light green newer model ford taurus stopped. one of the occupants grabbed the little guy and threw him in the trunk before speeding away. he was wearing a black shirt with a red and white rocket, black shorts, please keep an eye out. we'll try to find derrick by 11:30, call baltimore city police if you know anything. mom said she ordered a strawberry smoothy at the chilis in longmont, colorado. her 8-year-old daughter would share the kiddy cup with her 6- year-old brother and 19-month- old sister. that turned into a strawberry margarita. >> she picked it up and drank
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it and it was just loaded with tequila. >> chilly's apologized over and over again, they talked about how well planned bartenders are and that they'll conduct their own investigation. it will be up to the city attorney to determine in the bartend error server are charged with a crime. enough with the kids, no shirt, no shoes, now no kids. mcdean's restaurant in munroeville, pennsylvania, will not serve dinner any more to kids under 6. why? because the owner says they are just too noisy. he goes on to say it's impolite, it's selfish. whoa. stephanie kelly has been going there for dinner once a week since her son was born a year ago and, now, her child will be banned. >> it was an inning northern decision. >> the owner is confident most of his customers will support his new no-kid policy. is groupon tracking ooh you?
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the deals giant may know more about you than you think. groupon is unloading 86 million subscribers of changes to its privacy policy. the site where you get your daily deals will now collect more personal information along with location data from your mobile device, and plans to share that info with partner sites like expedia. they say this will allow for more targeted deals and they can control how much data they collect. well if you're looking for things to do with the kids this summer there is a on the to try downtown in baltimore. but you know, heading into the city can be a pain, especially when it comes to parking. nobody wants to face off against the meter maid and lose. so abc 2 news joce sterman is working with you tonight for details on a new tool to help you park smarter and beat the odds when you're parking in the city. >> reporter: you won't find any casinos along the avenue in ham den but plenty of people are still gambling. >> i guess it is gambling.
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i don't really think of it like that. >> reporter: but that's exactly what's happening. at the parking spots along this busy street people risk a ticket by putting nothing in the meter. >> i paid the price before and i'm still gambling. >> reporter: on a sun he morning we watched for hours as people popped into common ground for coffee without putting a dime in the machine. >> i can't tell you how many times in the coffee shop somebody will come in and yell "meter maid" and everybody goes pouring out to put money in the meters. >> reporter: but when you're hedging your belts against the house, the odds are pretty good you'll loss, especially on a street like this. >> yeah, kind of high risk here. >> reporter: consider james fredericks and james shaver. with the click of a button they can tell you with pretty good certainty if you decide to take on public enemy number 1, the meter maid. >> she is my nemesis. she watches me and then she pounces. >> reporter: but these guys aren't guessing about where
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you'll pay. they have actually crunched the numbers. >> when they go somewhere they can find out whether they are going to be, you know, easy pickings. >> reporter: parking odds spit out for you space by space around the city. it comes from the city's open data initiative. they plugged it into create a web site and a phone app. they call it spot agent and all you have to do is tell you where you plan to plunk your quarter. it gives you a threat warning based on location and time and how many tickets have been given out there. >> the girl is just finding smarter places to park. >> reporter: frederick found them putting 96,000 tickets into a database. that helped his company plot parking tickets all over the city and it turned up trends. in baltimore, tickets spike on fridays and in the first and last 15 minutes when parking is enforced. and it turns out those meter maids get tired from all that ticket-writing around lunch so your odds of beating them are better around noon. >> it's light out. because when they walk out of the restaurant they are there.
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>> reporter: if you're rolling through 36th street and this local coffee shop remember the house always wins. they won big here. city hall has hauled in cash from 1600 tickets in four years here. many for failing to feed the meter while you sneak in for a cup of coffee. at 32 bucks a ticket, if you gamble and lose, that's one pricey cup of joe. you'll still be a gambling woman? >> maybe. >> reporter: they used open data from the city to plot all of these parking tickets but that data hasn't been updated since march. we called and e-mailed the mayor's office of information technology but so far we have had no response about why the information isn't current or when you should expect an update. joce sterman, abc 2 news. only for baltimore city, although they hope to expand out to other places and you can get it for free if you have got ann destroyed phone. it's hopefully coming to itunes in the next couple of weeks. we'll have a link to it on our
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web site, kelly? >> you're gonna want to park or pull over to use that app. it's a matter of safety. we have all been told about texting and driving, how dangerous that is, but now many folks are taking that danger a step further, they are apping while driving. john matarese explains the trend and how you can keep your kids safe so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: by now we're all aware that texting and driving is a dangerous combination. state after state is outlawing it. unfortunately, it appears many young drivers have already moved on to the next thing and it may be even more dangerous. forget texting while driving, that's so two-years ago and it's rapidly becoming illegal. instead, a new survey finds a new threat on the road is apping while driving. checking smart phone aps while behind the wheel. these include games and news feeds and scores.
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they surveyed hundreds of students and found that 35% of them occasionally open smart phone aps while driving. this is even worse. 10% admitted they do it frequently. the researchers say opening aps behind the wheel is at least as dangerous as texting, if not more so. so, while you're teaching the kids about the dangers of texting on greater baltimore highways, make sure they know how dangerous it is playing angry birds while driving as well. for more reports, go to our web page,, click on the money tab up top so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. all right. national weather service bringing down that last severe thunderstorm watch and warning for the eastern shore here. only the lower eastern shore, door chester county and the wii comb company with an active watch. we're just about done with the
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whole storm situation tonight. one last check of maryland's most powerful radar, ooh you can see that last storm as it pushed out of the north and west, through preston, through southern caroline county through denton. now just rain showers moving into delaware. a big thanks to laura cooper who sent in this shot from jarrettsville via facebook. that is a look at that ominous storm cloud, the one that sparked a tornado warning briefly earlier tonight in harford county near half ard grace. a wild sky shot here, we always like to see your phone photos, they are on twitter at abc 2 weather. air quality up again tomorrow. code orange, today we had a code red. that is the highest we typically see around maryland. we should be a couple december hotter tomorrow than we were today. heat advisory, baltimore, d.c.,
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annapolis and the eastern shore are all in this including philly. western maryland maybe not getting quite through that heat threshold you would need but widespread heated concerns. tonight briefly cooler in the wake of that line of storms. 76 now at the airport, humidity 91%, winds are southwest at 6 and through the day, again it was hot, hazy sunshine throughout the afternoon, and then those storms coming in into the evening here. you see briefly towards sunset we had to deal with those even down toward laurel. it was a very hot finish to the afternoon, heat index now is still 80 degrees. and 84 there in easton. highs today, we pushed 100 downtown, got to 97 in frederick. add a few degrees to that probably in most spots, you may not see that much of a difference. still impressive. the line of storms out of ohio originally or dying off now but a new line forming, that will
11:22 pm
track to our west and stay toward kentucky and west virginia. our bottom line is the tropical heat pattern tinning, high pressure offshore tinning to pump up the hot air, unbelievable humidity all across the eastern u.s. right now. one interesting area down here in the tropics, we'll be watching that, minimal chances that will devil. 74 tonight, tomorrow we're goin' upper 90, 97, heat index could be north of 110, tomorrow night 73 with scattered storms and again that seven-day forecast, we do not get much relief wednesday, a few degrees cooler, better air temperatures though thursday, friday, into saturday. back to you guys. >> all right wyatt. not in your wildest dreams would you ever imagine having a baby this big. >> so huge we think he is at least 6 months old. right? stick around. see if you can't believe it. cynthia mcfadden about what's coming up next on
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"nightline" tonight. >> coming up on "nightline," jaycee dugard and her therapist on how she survived. plus presidential contender michelle backman, we go inside her family's controversial business. that's coming up on "nightline" right after abc 2 news at 11:00. ♪ whoa, whoa! 10:00 and 2:00, buddy. eyes on the road, right? hands on the wheel. [ male announcer ] the want-it, need-it... stay focused. [ male announcer ] ...gotta-have-it taste of mcdonald's burgers. the simple joy worth waiting for. [ young man ] how's your burger, bro? [ laughs ]
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woman: honey go get him. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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that's the only little thing on jamichael. they have nicknamed him moose. mom and dad are okay with that. now if you look up the record, the world's largest baby was actually born in 1879, born in canada, he weighed 23 pounds. >> 23 pounds? >> well he cannot sit in a chair or sleep in a bed. poor guy had a broom sting as a cane, couldn't provide for his family. then he bent to the doctors. the 37-year-old man from guatemala found out a malignant tumor has been growing on his hip for 10 years. it now weighs 10 pounds, it's roughly the size of a soccer ball. so two hours in the operating room to reverse a decade of pain, here he is today, smiling and laughing as doctors gave him his life back. he is not smiling right there but he is happy. >> i'm sure he was smiling. >> he is happy now. >> 10 years. eh guys, got one more storm shot for you. this is from harford county tonight. jarrettsville, laura cooper sent that in, you can see the sky getting into a wild state.
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the radar clearing up. tomorrow another chance for a shower storm in the afternoon, the big thing the heat advisory is up.? we'll be right back after a break. [ domenic ] grew up right here.
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abc 2 news is brought to you by king's dominion. for the latest updates on the missing 8-year-old go to our web site.
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911, what's your emergency? >> help, someone is trying to break into my house.

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